“An endless discovery you would love to be involved.”

There is no such thing in this world until you find that love. Love that you didn’t ask for God but then again comes. Love that even you get hurt and cry a thousand times, you can still smile anytime.

We don’t know, but it’s just so happen when someone touches our lives we can’t get out of it because we want to be involve all the time and be part of his/her memories.


 You feel the happiness inside and out. People may view what’s running on your mind. Very simple but really hard to define. It’s all because of God’s faultless art to make us crazy all the time. And one day someone will knock your innocent heart. You can’t help it but to think and stop for awhile. “Oh, is that you my Prince Charming? Come closer and be mine.” You are very happy coz the love of your life has finally arrived. The reason why every time you feel at ease and contented with the love you received every day, very passionate. Captured memories of being together; but what happened and he chose not to stay, so today you feel the emptiness and solitude in your heart. And the fact that he’s already gone so fast makes you believed that anything is possible even he’s not around. “You can… You can do it even if he doesn’t care about you at all. So smile. ” whispered..